Tayba Villas - watheer Real Estate Development

Tayba Villas

Strategic location

Roads of access to other neighborhoods, Al-Kharj Road, Al-Kharj Road.

The scheme is approved from the municipality of Riyadh with the developed system No.3390.

Supervision and guarantees

We supervise all construction works and provide an engineering office certificate and guarantees (including: sanitary materials, doors, paints, electricity), and we provide anti-insect spraying.

Services and facilities

There are pedestrian paths, squares, parking, and public gardens of 28,000 square meters planted and with facilities.

The project also contains public and governmental facilities with an area of 45% of the total area of the project. The closeness of the project location to many private and government sector institutions and companies, will attract their employees to obtain the project villas.


All basic services networks are available (Asphalted streets, sidewalks, water, sewage, lighting, electricity, telephone, rain drainage, afforestation).



Asphalting it


Pedestrian ground


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